She's got skills, they're multiplyin....

...and I'm loooooooosin control.

Seriously.  9 months came along and so did Miss Independent.

Mad skills.  That's what she's got.  Here are a few:

1.  Practicing her swan dive off the changing table.  This is where she first began to react to the word, "NO."  She cries when she hears that word now.  She just wants to roll and grab and stand and do everything but lay the booty down and get a new diaper.  
Can a 9 month old be potty trained?

2.  Grinding her teeth.  OMG.  Nothing sounds worse than 4 baby teeth rubbing together.  Why is she trying to file them down?  They just came in like a month ago.  
Can a 9 month old wear a mouth guard?

3.  Barking like a dog.  "Arf arf" is constant.  Especially if she hears a dog bark.  Yes, this does mean she's a genius.  I'm sure the people at Target who listened to the barking for an hour think she's brilliant.  
Can a 9 month old wear a muzzle?

This is what the majority of pictures look like now:


Can a 9 month old be controlled?
That's a big fat NO.

{cue the crying.}


  1. I guess it is time for Babs to teach her some new animal sounds--maybe a duck--quack, quack!!

  2. LOL I love it! If you think you can't control her now just wait!

  3. Hey Jen, can you get in touch with me regarding the outgrown handmades I have to give away? I can't find your email address here.
    The Sewing Dork