Snow Day!!

Is there anything cuter than a baby in a teddy bear snowsuit?  I think not.  Behold:

She loved it and acted like it was the most normal thing.  She even got mad when we brought her inside.  She def. didn't get her apparent love of coldness from me!




Soo cute!


  1. I found your blog through google blog search for parotid hemangiomas. My daughter is 2 months old and has a parotid hemangioma also. We are treating her at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin. I am gathering as much info about hemangiomas as possible at this point. Where is your daughter's hemangioma located? Her pictures look great and I wouldn't have known she had one had you not noted. Our blog is www.bumpcourage.blogspot.com Thanks Brooke

  2. Addison isn't bothered by her hemangioma. Luckily her superficial part isn't growing at a fast enough rate to ulcerate so she's not in any pain. We were given three treatment options. They won't do surgery or steroid injections because of it's location, they could damage her facial nerves and leave her paralyzed on one side, and it's too large to attack with steroid injections. So we were left with using Propranolol (a blood pressure med), oral steroid treatment, or Vincristine (a chemotherapy drug). Our specialist said she didn't want to use the Propranolol because it hard to monitor infants blood pressure and with us being three hours away from the specialist she wasn't comfortable with using it until she is older. That left us with either an oral steroid or vincristine. After throughly weighing the side effects, treatment time, and results of treatment we decided to use the Vincristine. Addison just recieved her second round this last Fri. and already from the one week that lapsed they have seen the tumor not only shrink but also regress. It's not a big enough difference to see visually but you can tell when measurements are taken. It should take about two more weeks until we can see a visual change. If you aren't comfortable letting her hemangioma continue to grow don't be hesitant to look for second opinions. We did that after consulting with our pediatrician and an ENT. We are seeing Dr. Drolet at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin. If you look up their website there is info about different treatment options.