Dear Reese:

Why are you still getting older?  Didn't I tell you to stop growing around 3 weeks old?  I feel weird buying things in size 18 and 24 months.  They look HUGE!  And yet, you will soon outgrow them.  I must admit, shopping for these does excite me, but it is also very sad. {Squeee, I loooove baby keds!}

Time is an ellusive concept.  How can 1 hour pass so fast and the next, seemingly slooooooow?  It seems as though on the 9th of every month this past year, I have woken up and the previous month has flown by.  Will it be like that forever?  If I had a magical power, it would be to slow down time. 

Before I know it, you will be wearing big girl keds and sporting pigtails with your backpack and lunch box and heading to kindergarten! 


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