11 months!!

Tomorrow, this little stinker will be 1 month away from a year old.

Let's let that sink in for a moment.

I know I have said this every month since about 6 months, but seriously.  1 year old??  My heart can't take it.

This was such a fun month and until the terrible 2{ish} age comes, I think each passing month will be more fun!  She has a very inquisitive personality and needs to taste and touch most anything.

{baby long-johns?  yes please.}

She can wave and clap and dance.  Oh the dancing.  When she hears ANY beat, whether it's on the radio or just someone clapping their hands, she starts moving.  If she's sitting, she just rocks back and forth.  If she's standing, she bounces her booty up and down.  

Word on the street is that a certain musical uncle was the same way when he was little.  Hmm, perhaps we have a future Beethoven on our hands??
The child also looooooves being outside and will pitch a fit when she has to come back inside.  To say that we are ready for warm weather would be an understatement!

Wishing the temps would stay above 50!!

Peanutty has been battling her first {EVER} runny nose this past week.  Seriously.  11 months with not a single runny nose.  I feel so blessed.  Considering she's never been sick before, I think she's handled herself pretty well.  I would love to say that since she's not been feeling well, she's been wanting extra cuddles, but unfortunately, she has not.  She's just not a cuddler.  I love the independent, free-spirited baby, but I wouldn't hate a little cuddle on the couch!!!


Do you see the snotty nose and sleepy eyes??
 But still smiling and getting into trouble.


 It was so nice today and I loooved being able to put Reesie in short sleeves!  Without pants!  Oh spring/summer, please come soon!!


  1. Are you also seeing a specialist who deals with hemangiomas or just the ENT?