Spring Break !!

This past week was spring break and Reese and I took advantage of the time and played with lots of friends!  First, we went to Newnan and played with Natalie and Kylie!!  Please look at this pic that was taken in June of 2009:
And look at the girls now!!

It's crazy when you look at the difference!! 
{Esp. the hair!!}

We also went to Montgomery because Scott and Cat came into town!!!

I don't have any pics of Cat yet...but they will be here for 3 weeks!

 So sweet!!

We couldn't have asked for better weather and of course took soooo many photos!

I'm so glad it's spring!!!  My favorite time of year and a chance to play outside {and take pictures} everyday!

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  1. Yay for Scott and Cat being home!!! I know you guys have LOVED every second with them so far :). We are excited about seeing you guys this weekend! Miss ya!