31 weeks!


Ummmm...what?  31 weeks?  Not possible.  Also, Reese? 21 months? 

:::Deep breath:::

My mind has a hard time wrapping around the fact that there will soon be a new being in this world.  One that I helped create and have hibernated these past months.  A new little person who will smell heavenly {most of the time} and make adorable noises and have tiny toes and impossible-to-cut fingernails.

Even though my mind is not comprehending...my body?  For sure.
31 weeks can be, well, kind of miserable.
Not sleeping.  Heartburn.  121 trips to the bathroom.  Hot flashes.  Uncomfortable-ness in some pretty uncomfortable places.  Waddling.

 Did you read #1 on that list?  Not sleeping?  Well, fortunately, all the other items on that list will disappear after baby Jack has arrived.  But that #1 item?  Hahaha.  That one's here to stay.

I'm not saying it's not worth it and that I'm not blessed to go through all of this, but it's still not fun.

I remember all of these symptoms with Reese but it wasn't until I had like 2 weeks to go.  I now have 2 months to go.  It will might be a long 2 months. 

Today, I found out why.  My son's head which measures 
2 weeks bigger than everything else is LLLOOOOWWW.  Like, sitting right on my bladder and pelvis low.  His butt is nestled right by my ribs.  Which means, his feet?  They're free to kick everywhere.  Which, they do.

He was face down the whole time, so no cute profile pics.  The pics I did get are not blog-appropriate but let's just say that we are 10000% GO on the whole "It's a boy!" thing.

The appointment was pretty uneventful {YAY!}  Blood pressure was good.  Up 1 whole pound {don't hate}.

Little man was estimated to be 3 lbs. 11 oz.  That's 1 pound less than what Reese weighed at birth!

 Did I mention there's still 2 months to go?

Just because he's cute and I miss his squishy cheeks:

Just letting you know Reese called you on her phone tonight.
She's really missing you {and Scott and CatCat}
She said "Reese talkin Noah."
I asked her what you said.
Her response: "WAAAAAAAAAAAHHH."

 When you return, we're really gonna have to work on showing Reese that you can make other noises besides {apparently} wailing.

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