Woe is me.

I'm remembering now why the 3rd trimester of pregnancy is MISERABLE. 

I mean, sure, you have a squishy and adorable newborn waiting on you at the end of all this...but still.

I can't even enjoy grocery shopping anymore {the shame!!!}

I can't make it down 2 aisles without having to pee or feeling like the bowling ball sitting on my pelvis might fall out at any given moment. 

Then, I get home and my back feels numb it hurts so bad, my ankles are swollen, and then my calves are feeling all tingly. 

{This blog is fabulous birth control! :)}

Then I have a 21-month-old who has suddenly decided to go through separation anxiety {yay!} so she wants to be held or be in my presence the majority of the evening. 

Then, mommy guilt sets in and seeing as how I only have 5 more weeks of only her, I should be soaking all those moments up when she DOES want only me, because I know that will not always be so.


Being a mommy {to an inside and outside baby} is hard work!

OK.  Rant over.  Can't guarantee there won't be anymore complaints on future blogs, but for now...I feel better already!

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