Sleeping Beauty?

 {could you die of the tiny-ness?  those, my friends, are preemie clothes.}

Ahh, the days of 12-13 hours of uninterrupted sleep.

Something has happened in the last few months to my precious, I-love-sleeping child.

{through the night.}

For the past few months, she has woken up at random times throughout the night crying and needing comfort.  It doesn't happen every week, but recently it has become much more frequent.

I, of course, consulted Dr. Google {he's always right ya know} and came up with this conclusion:


 {surely doesn't look like someone with night terrors.  also.  the belly button?  holy cow!}

Sounds frightening, no?

I seriously believe that's what this is.  There are a lot of factors I believe contributing to this.  Now that I have thought about it, all this seemed to coincide with it getting cold outside. 

Stay with me.

When it's cold outside, we don't get to run around outside and burn energy.  Therefore, we don't take long {or any} naps during the day.  Therefore, we go to bed exhausted.  According to Dr. Google, being overly-tired can cause these night terrors.

When she cries during the night, she's like really sobbing.  When I go in there, she's still curled up in a little ball and immediately stops crying and reassuring me "I's fine."  Confusing, right?

In conclusion, COME ON SPRING.

I should mention that I have come up with some other possibilities to explain this behavior:
1. She just likes to be cuddled in the middle of the night.
2. She is preparing me for being up all night with a newborn.

Either way, I know she needs sleep {esp. when she doesn't nap during the day}so I'm ready for her to grow out of this stage {Dr. Google assures me this is just a stage}.


On a completely different note, I need a new blog name.  Reese's Pieces has to have a way to incorporate Jack! 



  1. Jen, Annie had night terrors too! It was awful! Our doctor told us not to go in when it was a night terror (they don't wake up from these)and that she will go back to sleep but if it's a bad dream (they will awake) she will need to be comforted which led us to get a video monitor to see if she was up when she was crying. I was pregnant with LK when this was going on and so miserable! I feel your pain! Hopefully it will end soon!
    So that you can keep Reese's Pieces (cause it's so cute) i vote for Reese's Pieces and Cracker Jacks! :)

  2. I agree with Jessica on the blog name. You may need to change your wallpaper to candy instead of flowers! Love you.