He's Here!!

Sweet baby Jack has arrived!!  All on his own timing, I might add.  I should have expected nothing else.

A big ol' birth post coming soon, but here's some pics of our adorable little man!


I know.  It's annoying with no captions, but it's nap time in the house and I have to join the babies!

But, we are adjusting well.  He really is such a sweet baby.  Big sister has shown a little bit of interest, but mostly acts like nothing much has changed!  I'm sure she will have her big sister role down pat in the next few weeks, months, and years!

Next post will include more words and captions for each picture!

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  1. OK..at first I thought he looked like Reese, but he is definitely Brandon's mini-me at this point! I know he loves that :). Glad to hear that sister is adjusting well...I knew she would! Missing you guys and wish we were closer so we could meet him. Hopefully one day soon!