1 month!

Our little man is 1 month old today!!  Even though I've gone through all this before, time still seems to fly by.  We go to the doctor on Thursday for his 1 month check up, so I'll be back with his weight and length then!  Here are some things for me to remember about Baby Jack:

- He is eating every 2 {sometimes 3} hours during the day and every 3 {RARELY 4} hours at night.
- He is still in the newborn phase of life: sleeping, waking up to eat and change his diaper, then sleeping again!
- This past week, he has had some days where he has been awake for an hour or more during the mid-morning hours.
- He can pretty much sleep through anything {including his sister...YAY!}
- He looooooves to have his hands up by his face.  This is a huge deterrent when trying to swaddle.
- He turns BRIGHT red when he gets mad or stretches.
- He grunts/growls/groans a lot.  Even in his sleep.
- His umbilical cord fell off at exactly 2 weeks...same as big sis.
- Still wearing preemie/newborn clothes.  Preemie clothes fit him best in terms of fit, but most of them are getting too short.  Newborn clothes fit him best lengthwise, but look like you could fit 2 other babies in the outfit with him!
- Wearing newborn diapers.
- Does not like to be naked/bathed/changed, etc.
- Spits up and gets hiccups with almost every feeding {aggravating...}
- Once he is hungry, food must be available immediately.  Do not delay.
- I'm afraid he will always be known as "Baby Jack" to big sister.
- Takes a paci...Reese did too at this age.

Ok...Im sure there are more things, but he is sleeping...I should be too!!!

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