We've been spending lots of time outside doing all kinds of fun things...

We've been playing soccer!

and blowing bubbles!

We've been eating popsicles {and Cheetos, obviously}

and we've been rockin some 'hawks!

We've been staying up later...

and getting in some good naps!

 All in all, we are enjoying this season of life!

Am I sleep deprived?  Yes!
Am I tired of feeding and washing bottles and feeding and changing diapers?  Absolutely!
Am I dealing with 2-year-old drama on a hourly daily basis? Of course!

 Do I get to snuggle a newborn all day {and night}?  Yes!
Does my heart melt every time Reese wants to give Baby Jack kisses?  Absolutely!
Do I laugh CONSTANTLY at the things that comes out of Reese's mouth?  Of course!

 I read a quote recently that pretty much sums up parenting:
The hours are long, but the years are short. 

So true.  It's easy to want Jack to sleep through the night or to rush Reese through potty training.  But in just a few short years, I know I will want for these times back.  I will ache to have my son fit just perfectly on my chest and feel his baby breaths on my cheek.  I will wish for Reese to run up and say "hold you mommy."  Because I know this will not always be so.

So...I will ENJOY waking up every hour to comfort my 3 week old baby boy.  I will GLADLY pick up my 2 year old baby girl when she asks me to hold her.  I will do my best to soak up all these hours because I know how quickly the hours turn into days, weeks, and years.

** The rest of Jack's birth post is coming, but I do want to keep up with what's going on in our lives right now too! **

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