3 months!

I can't believe my little man is 3 months old!!  Where has the time gone?  Well, actually, I have a 2 year old, so I'm well aware of how fast time moves when you have babies!  BUT STILL.  

Here are some tidbits about Jack man:
- wearing 0-3 month clothes and size 1 diapers.
- usually sleeping from 9-4 {sometimes 5 or 6} and then until 7 or 8.
- our napping schedule during the day is not so easily tracked.
- his whole face lights up when he smiles!  I think there might be a dimple or 2 trying to happen!
- his eyes are still blue...in fact they are the exact same color Reese's were at that age.
- he has a lot less hair than she did at 3 months.
- he looooves being held {but really, what baby doesn't?} and he also loves laying down flat as long as someone is talking to him.
- he actually likes getting his diaper changed, being naked, having baths, etc.  Reese didn't like these things.
- he is definitely a snuggle baby and a mama's boy.  I love it!
- he is the most pitiful thing when he sticks his bottom lip out and cries.
- he gets a mixture of breast milk and formula in his bottles.
- this past month he attended 2 weddings back-to-back and did great at the hotel/wedding/reception for both of them!
- he loves to watch Reese and she is very much in love with her "baby Jack"
- the spitting up has not improved. ::sigh::
- he has great head control, but shows no signs of rolling over anytime soon.

Now.  I have to share these 2 pics. I had no idea I had taken one so similar of Reese at almost his same age.  It was Reese's idea to put the "merrymote" in the picture with Jack. 
{click to make bigger.}
You can really see how much lighter his hair is than hers was.  Also, they both have the little strawberry patch between their eyes, although hers is much more noticeable.

I also took my new favorite picture of the 2 of them together.  But before I post that one, here are the outtakes:

Reese: "It's ok baby Jack; don't cry; you're fine; I'm here."
Jack: "Can you see the comfort I'm feeling?"

Reese: "I'm so gentle mommy."
Jack: "Watch it sister."

Reese: "I kiss him on his mouf."
Jack: "AHHH!"


P.S.  It's perfectly normal to be jealous of my 2-year-old's tan, right?


  1. perfectly normal :). I covet my 5 year old's tan and my 3 year old's complexion.
    bringing a little something for you in celebration of baby Jack to your mom's on Saturday while we are in town.

  2. just now noticed your new title. Love it :)