This little guy...

Is a total stinker!

He's only 10 weeks into this whole, living-on-the-outside thing, and from what I can tell, he might still be a tad angry about it.

Now, when Jack Jack was in the womb, he was a mover and a shaker and he moved ALL day and slept pretty much all night.  Well guess what?  That's still what he's doing!

Like today for instance.  From the hours of 7:30 am until 8:30 pm, he slept MAYBE 2 hours.  ALL.DAY.  Now, he's not {usually} fussing, although after that many hours with no nap, well, you can tell.
I think he's just really interested in what's going on and thinks he might miss something.
Now, I won't complain about the amount of sleep he gets at night, but still....a little daytime shut eye wouldn't hurt anyone!

He's happiest being held and swayed.  He also likes to flirt.  Big time.  He will coo and giggle for as long as you'll stare at him.  Which is pretty easy to do, considering his eyes and eyelashes are pretty yummy.  As are his cheeks, which almost sit on his shoulders {can you tell in the pic above?}  

He can be slightly difficult at times.  Sorry Baby Jack...even though I want to kiss your lips 24/7, you aren't what I would label an "easy, laid back, go with the flow" kind of bambino.
He has the most pitiful cry you've ever heard.  He could seriously be the "cry model" they use for a baby doll's cry.  Like, when you hear a baby cry that perfect cry in a movie or on TV, that's what he sounds like.  
He also sometimes just acts like he's never had a bottle before.  He'll be happily sucking along and then all of a sudden, he looks at you like, "have you lost your mind, AS IF I would drink this."
Fun times, I tell ya.

But then.
There's those times when he smiles so big and he does that weird sucking in thing that baby's do before they laugh out loud.
When I have him on my shoulder and I swear he's hugging me.
And now that he's starting to realize he is in control of his own body and hands and feet and he can actually make them do things.  
It's pretty amazing.
He's pretty amazing.

I have a feeling he's gonna be a "give it all you've got" kind of kid.
 He goes from happily playing to "OMG, save me" screams {or that perfect baby cry} in .02 seconds.
He gives 100% into whatever he's feeling at the moment.

Now, that's a very redeeming quality to have.
Just not at 10 weeks old!

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