5 {1/2} Months!

Oops.  We are halfway to 6 months now, but I want to get these things recorded!

Our sweet "brudder" has already been around 5 months and it seems like he's always been here!  Can't believe he is almost half a year old!!  He's certainly a snuggle baby and LOVES to be held or at least looked at all day.

Jack-man, at 5 months you are:
- Rolling over
- Eating your feet

- Sleeping from 7:30/8:00 pm - 6:30-8:00 am
- Takes 3 naps a day {morning and evening naps are NEVER longer than an hour.  Afternoon nap is HOPEFULLY longer than 2 hours!}
-Wearing size 2 diapers
- Size 3-6 month clothes.  6 month sleepers and smocked outfits
- Teething like a mad man.  Seriously.  Drooling and chewing all the time!

- Used to love the paci, but since the teething began, paci has become indifferent
- Great eater: bananas mashed up with formula {and Prevacid} in the mornings, and any veggie at night before bed.  He gags with most fruits {besides bananas} but loves him some squash, carrots, sweet potatoes,  and peas.  His nose will be turning orange any day!
- Takes 4-5 6 oz. bottles a day.
- Loves to watch Reese.  She goes around calling him brudder, sister, and/or cousin.  She's a little confused.  He wants to be wherever she is.

- He's got a mean screech that lets you know he is NOT HAPPY with his situation.  This situation usually involves not being held.  His scream is ear-piercing.  It's intense.
- Not a great car rider, which is pretty unfortunate, considering how much we are in the car!
- Still spitting up all the live long day.  When will it end?
- Big blue eyes and {what I think will be} blonde hair.  He doesn't have much hair, but what's coming in is blonde!

- When he's not being held, he tolerates the bouncy seat and exersaucer.
- Belly laughs at dogs.  Only black and white dogs.  Haha, it's weird but ADORABLE!

My little man,
What a joy you are!  Even when my arms tire of holding you, my hearts grows with love for you!  Now, you seem to be pretty "I-know-what-I-want-and-I-want-it-now", and that's ok...but we may have to have a life lesson about going with the flow!  I can't believe you have the same gorgeous eyes as your sister and your daddy.  Why did I get left out?  Speaking of your sister, she's pretty crazy about you.  She wants you to sit on her lap a lot.  She gives you her toys {even if it's only for .02 seconds} and likes to make sure you have a clean diaper and clean clothes.  She also tries to bathe you!  Sorry about all the water in your eyes and nose.  She's learning.  I imagine you will be splashing her before long.  I can't wait to see your relationship develop.  She might boss you around later in life, but you better believe that she's going to protect you.
I can't wait to see what you make of your life.  God has some amazing things planned, I just know it.  How lucky am I that I get to be a part of it!

So glad you're mine!

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  1. He is an adorable little man! I love how you write, Jen!