Don't let this face fool you....

She's TWO.

Enough said?

No?  Well, let me explain.  She tests limits and boundaries.  She tells me to spank her and then says she will spank me.  She says "No", "I no want to", "Go get it", and "Dat's MINE!" many times of the day.

She tests my patience and my discipline skills.  She makes me want to buy books entitled Surviving the Terrible Twos , Help! What happened to my sweet, well-behaved baby? , and Going in Target with your 2-year-old and leaving with your sanity.
I kid.

Somedays I feel like all I say is "Reese, stop that."  "Reese, listen to mommy."  "Reese, why are you crying?"  
She redeems herself with her hugs and kisses and songs and questions and hand holding and "mommy, hold ya" and "Wub ya".

And then I decide that it's definitely worth it.

Just make sure you're never without wine.

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