Off they go...

We had to say goodbye to our favorite world travelers last week.  It was so good to spend time with them, but we will miss them something fierce!!  Esp. that little red-headed munchkin of theirs!  Here are some pics of our time together!

{this little boy loooves his daddy!}

{I looove his curls!}

{and his dimples!}

{We had a little 1st birthday party for Noah.  He loved it for the first 5 mins...we won't talk about the last 5 mins!}

{Cousin love!  How sweet!}

We certainly will miss that little family, but we know they are exactly where they are called to be.  What great examples to listen to the little whispers in your heart...they can lead you on some amazing adventures!


  1. Great post, my creative daughter!!

  2. I'm smiling through teary eyes...so sweetly said, Jen!