18 month cuties!

 Reese at 18 months

Jack at 18 months

Could you die???  Look at little Reesie!!
Jack's not quite 18 months, but close enough!

I know, I haven't blogged in forever, but it's always crazy when school starts.  
Reese started medicine last week and from what I can tell, it's working.  We are still waiting to see a neurologist, but that can take 6-8 months...ridiculous!

Jack is still being amazingly adorable and I have to stop myself from kissing his face 24/7.
Reese is hilarious and her ability to reason like an adult is frightening, honestly.  She starts MDO in a month, and I look forward to my daily reports.  She won't get a report for being too quiet, I'll tell you that.

Jack has his 18 month apt. at the end of this month, so I can update his stats then!

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