Pumpkin Patch!

This past weekend, in between all of the puking, we went to the pumpkin patch!  Last year, Jack sat nicely in his stroller and it was a fun and relaxing time.  This year?  Not so much.  I mean, it was still fun, but it was def. not relaxing.  That's ok though!  That's just the stage of life we are in and I just have to prepare for it and make these memories with my babies!

This first picture cracks me up...this slide is serious business.  Last year, Reese FLEW out of it.  This year, Jack face-planted.  Of course he got right up and showed no signs of being traumatized.

I kind of love that we come to a pumpkin patch and there is all this fun stuff to do, and yet my kids want to swing on a swing they have at home.

This year, our sweet niece Coraline came with us and yall, I mean, she is just the cutest thing ever.
Oh man, she is sooo stinkin cute!!!

I love this pic of Jack and Aunt B or Beeeeeee as brother says!

Another fun thing is the Corn Crib!  Jack was not a fan at first, but once he found out he could throw it?  He was all about it!

Love this boy!

Sweet girl!

Seriously.  A tractor.  The boy was in heaven!

By the time we made it to the actual pumpkin patch, my camera started dying so I didn't get too many pictures.  Also, it was hot! Kids were whining! But, I did get a few good ones.

"Look mama, I jump soo high!"

Jack picking out his "punkpin"

I would have loved smiling faces, but tops of heads are better than nothing. 

Love this picture!  So carefree and happy!

We can't wait to go back next year!

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