The fair!

One of my favorite things about fall is the fair!  It is even more fun with kiddos!  Especially a kiddo who loves to ride all the rides!  I wish I would have taken my big camera, but let's be honest it's so convenient to use my iPhone.

We actually went to 2 fairs...this picture is the only one I have from the Lee County Fair {which was pretty pitiful compared to Montgomery's fair} but my Reesie didn't know the difference and had a blast!

Obviously, I did a better job at documenting our time at the Mongtomery fair!
{I have to tell you, this roller coaster ride was HILARIOUS.  It was so jerky and Reese had that scared-excited look on her face when she went by the first couple of times.  We were crying.  Also?  The girl behind her {who hacked like she had whooping cough} was equally as scared-excited.  It was my favorite part of the night.}

Where is Jack, you ask?  Locked up in his cage stroller.  Once he got out at the Petting Zoo, that was the end of the stroller {and thus ending our fair experience ;)}
 {I mean.  MY BABY!!! He's so grown.  Notice he was locked in the stroller last year too...maybe next year, buddy!}

He had absolutely no fear of the animals in the Petting Zoo.
{oh sure, just eating out of his hands.  he tried to kiss a bull too.  YES, KISS A BULL.}
{I was there too!}

{He was pretty much being a pill at this point...glad you can't tell that!}
{Also, he has since had a haircut.}

My favorite part of the fair?

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  1. I can't believe you didn't get a picture of him trying to kiss a bull! That is so funny!
    Maybe next year :).