3 weeks!

Yesterday, my baby turned 3 weeks old! Where is the time going? Oh I know where it's going--washing bottles, feeding, burping, changing diapers, attempting to sleep, etc. Oh yes, that is what I have been spending time doing. And you know what? I wouldn't change it for anything!

We did have to take Reese to her first "sick" baby appointment. Her eyes were matted together and even though I did research and diagnosed her with having blocked tear ducts (yes I am turning into my mother...) I decided to take her in anyways. I was right (score one for me!) and we are supposed to massage the inner corners of her eyes until it gets unblocked. It still hasn't gotten much better yet, but she's getting eye massages all the time!

This week was also an exciting week in Reese's life. She is an old pro at going out on the town and going on road trips! This week, we spent 2 nights at Babs and T's house! T wasn't there the 1st night, so we decided to stay a 2nd night so Reese could spend time with her T! Babs and I took Reese shopping (yes we braved the swine flu!) and she did great! A girl after her mom's heart!

Also, we have graduated into newborn diapers! Yeah! They are still a little big, but the preemies are tight on her tummy! I can't wait to start playing dress up with her newborn clothes...I'm growing tired of the same 5 preemie onesies!

Tomorrow is an exciting day....we are taking newborn pics! OF COURSE, there will be an update with pics of that!

Ok, ok, enough typing, let's get to the good stuff---pics!

Apparently, Reese is very fond of the way she looks! She has been fascinated with mirrors recently. Babs has a play mat that had a mirror on it and Reese loved looking in it! In fact, it would stop her in her tracks!

Check out the cheeks that are FINALLY getting chubby!

Here she is waving to the camera!

We also took the weekly rabbit pic...she is wearing a headband thing that is a tad too big and I'm afraid she wasn't feeling the pics this week....she better be on her best behavior for next week's 1 month pics!

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  1. I just realized after reading your post that i misspelled Reese's name in her package i sent today. The kids were going crazy in the van so i wrote in a hurry. excuse that and tell Reese i am sorry too :)