1 month!

I promise to post more than once a week, but my computer has been out of commission, and I just got my hands on a replacement today (thanks Scott and Cat!) It's been a while since I posted and a lot has happened in that week!

In no particular order:

--Reese had newborn pics taken (GORGEOUS!)
--Finally, we are into a few newborn outfits...depends on the brand.
--She has been smiling a lot more. Aunt Cat even got a quick grin today! (p.s. I'm pretty sure they aren't intentional, but cute anyways!)
--I celebrated my first mother's day!

Of course, I will do my best to highlight these in a post themselves, but I don't have my camera stuff on this comp.

Seeing as how I have a 1+ month old, and I now consider myself an expert (HA!) I would like to share some products we couldn't live without.

1. The Boppy:

I am sure most new moms and pregnant ladies have heard of these, but seriously, this is amazing! I use it for feeding, napping (right in front of me, not alone), propping up, tummy time, etc. The possibilities are endless! Even grandparents will find these useful. (Babs can testify.)

2. Car seat/stroller combo:

Can't find a pic of this, but the technical term is "travel system." Reese is a HUGE fan of her carseat--in fact, I'm pretty sure it's her fav. place to be (besides someone's arms!) The base installs in the car and the seat just snaps right in. The seat also snaps right into the stroller! It's so easy and convenient!

3. Cloth diapers (for burp cloths):

Seriously, I think I have spent the last month with one of these on my shoulders! My fav. of course are the monogrammed ones! (Thanks Aunt Lolli!) They are useful for spit-up, cleaning up while feeding, wiping her eyes, and just general clean up! I think I have about 10 of these and they are so useful!

4. Portable changing thingy:

Haha, I'm not sure the techincal term, but it is a portable changing thingy! At first, I wasn't sure I would use this since I have a diaper bag, but I use this everytime I leave the house and Reese has to be changed! It has a spot for the diapers, case for the wipes, and pad to lay on any surface! It all comes in this cute little package that has a clip that can go on the stroller. It is really convenient. One complaint, it's not very soft and during some recent public changings, a santa hat had to be put under her head so it wasn't so hard!

5. Bottle brush and drying rack:

Alright, so these may seem like random, boring products, but both are used multiple times a day. Since Reese isn't the best nurser (although improving), we use bottles for most feedings. The bottle brush I have has a sponge part on the end of the brush, and it is the best at cleaning out bottles. The drying rack is so I don't have to use my (very) limited counter space for bottles.

Now, of course there are many more things that are used on a daily basis, but these are the main ones that came to my mind. Anyone have any other fav. items?

So, I promise my next post will be more personal and will (of course) feature pics of the peanut (AND a video of her ROLLING OVER...i.am.not.lying.)

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