For Posterity

This post is mostly for me so I can look back and remember details of this stage of life. By the way, on almost ALL our home videos from when we were kids, my dad says something about posterity...I now know what he meant!

Today was Reese's 1 month check up (even though she will be 5 weeks tomorrow!) Everything was great! Let's look back at her stats from birth:
Weight: 4 lb. 14 oz
Length: 18 inches
Head: 12 1/4 inches

Stats from today's check:
Weight: 7 lb. 2 oz (!!)
Length: 19 1/2 inches
Head: 13 1/2 inches

All of those measurements put her in the.....drumroll....3rd percentile!! Haha!! That means 97% of all babies are bigger then her at this age. But, that's ok...I'm perfectly happy with the little peanut! Also, the doctor's growth chart doesn't start until the 5th percentile, so we had to go old school and pull out the paper charts! The doctor did comment about how funny it is that all of her measurements were exactly in the 3rd percentile. Most babies are usually in the 50th for weight and like the 75th for length. At least she is symmetrical and consistent!
Sometimes, it is hard for me to wrap my head around the fact that she is so small. To me it seems normal, but then I remember that I was 7 lb. 14 oz. at BIRTH! Here she is at 5 weeks old and just now 7 lbs! Crazy!

Let's discuss the likes and dislikes at 1 month!
--The car seat, riding in the car, sitting in the car...anything involving the car!
--Being held.
--THE red curtain. Oh yes. Many hours of entertainment with said red curtain.
--Sleeping on someone's shoulder. The best sleep is done in this position.
--Movement in general, whether it's rocking, swinging, etc.
--Eating! (as evidenced by her weight gain!)
--Getting out of the house. Seriously, we've taken her quite a few places and she is so good!
--Deep voices: her daddy can put her to sleep just by talking to her!
--The 'preemie' Nuk pacie! Seriously, this pacie is the best! (Thanks Becky!)
--Putting her hands in her eyeballs. Yea. What fun.
--Bath time (but not at Babs' house for some reason)
--Fruity flavored gum or candy. No, we are not feeding her this, but if we eat it and then blow in her face, she sticks her tongue out and "swallows" the air! So cute!
--Mirrors. Her reflection stops her dead in her tracks. And she's so darn cute, why shouldn't it?
--Ellie the elephant. The little elephant laughs when you pull a cord and she loves it!
--Having her head rubbed. Instant soother.
--Having her nose sunctioned. She loves it! Is this weird?

I'm sure there are more things, but this is what I came up with. Now for the fun part!

--Being put down (unless she is really, really tired, she prefers to be held)
--Being changed (expect for at her Nanna and Grandpaw's house. Who knows why.)
--Being naked for ANY length of time (unless she's in the tub. Unless that tub is at Babs and T's house. Again, who knows why.)
--Gas drops. She pukes everytime. Sometimes in my mouth. Lovely.
--Her bouncy seat. I'm hoping she will grow to love this. I think she is just still too small.
--Having her arms swaddled. It helps her sleep much better, but she fights it.
--Having her eyes messed with. But come on, I can't let that gunk build up!
--When the red curtain gets pulled back. Seriously, she gets a mean look on her face.
--When the pacie falls out. Why has no one invented something that would prevent this from happening. It would be a HUGE seller. I'm going to draw up some sketches.
--Country music. Everytime a country song comes on, she starts whining. I'm pretty sure her father is somehow responsible for this.
--Being burped. Although, I would get upset if someone interrupted me everytime I ate more then 2 or 3 bites of food.

This post has taken me like an hour to type because someone has been propped up on my left shoulder.

Since yall sat through that forever long post, here's the star of the show!

Chompin on daddy's hand! (Check out the belly and belly button!)

Passed out on the Boppy!

Haha--I love this pic!

Swingin away!

Seriously, while typing this blog I am feeding the baby, eating dinner, and watching LOST!! Talk about multitasking!

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