**Public Service Announcement: if you don't like images of bodily functions, please don't continue reading. You have been warned.**

So, it started out like a normal Wednesday night. Brandon was hanging out with friends, Kris won American Idol (!!!!!!), I had just gotten done talking to Babs (who is at the beach {jealous!}), Lauren had just left, and I was feeding Reese. Normally, in the middle of eating, the girl takes care of...ahem...business (catch my drift?) This feeding was no different.

I picked her up.

Oh dear. Oh goodness. Things got scary fast.

Yall, I'm talkin this stuff was almost up to the poor child's ears (no lie). AND I am alone! WHAT?!!? I called Brandon and told him there had been an explosion and his presence was needed ASAP! THEN, while I'm holding her practically upside down (luckily she had just eaten and was happy, or things could have been baaaaaaaaaad) she spits up all down my leg and on my flip flops. Have yall ever had spit up between your toes? I wish it on NO ONE!

Daddy comes to the rescue, and let's just say, the Gerber onesie met it's final match. See below:

Unfortunately, the onesie was not the only victim of tonight's events. The innocent Boppy fell victim as well. See below:

I bet yall think I'm lying about this story--totally not!

So, onesie is cut/ripped off. {Yes, cut AND ripped. Look closely at the pic!} Naked baby is being placed on changing table while bathtub is prepared. Mommy feels feet getting wet again. BUT, no spit up this time. Nope--PEE!!! Yes, as she is about to get in the bathtub, she pees all over me and then I held her over the changing table. See below:

Ahh, a day in the life of a mommy of a 6 WEEK OLD!!! That seems impossible. Never boring!

Also, one more thing. Please look at these onesies. Guess what? They are all the same size! Yes, they all claim to be Newborn. The one on the left is fat, the one in the middle is long, and the one on the right fits just perfectly! But seriously, how can they all claim to be the same size? Crazy!

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