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So I am finally getting around to posting this month's bunny pic. I am pretty sure that by the 3 month pic, Reese and the bunny will have to be sitting together! I also posted the 1 week pic and OMG, she is soooo skinny! I guess I didn't notice the chubbiness that Reese has gotten over the past 2 months until I compared these pics!
Also, this weekend was once again packed with all kinds of excitement! Friday night, we had baby swap with Babs and T at Good Ol' Boys! Lolli and Pops and Grammy Kay came too! Lolli had not seen Reese in several weeks and was excited to see her!
On Saturday, we went to Nanna and Grandpaw's house and Reese's great-grandmother Grunt came to visit! On the night Reese was born, she was so talkative to Grunt and we all said that Reese lives up to her name, as she is quite the 'grunter' herself!
Also, while everyone else was visiting on the porch, this is where Reese and her Grandpaw were for at least an hour!! They were sleeping so hard!
Then today, Brandon made Babs' famous egg rolls!! They are soooo yummy! He also made PF Changs' Lettuce Wraps and they were verrrrry close to the real things! All in all, it's been a great weekend!

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