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Tomorrow will be the big 2 month post! It has gone so fast and I almost can't remember my life before her (or at least, my life before pregnancy!)

This past weekend we took Reese down to Brundidge to visit with her great-grandparents AND her great-great-grandparents! Yes, that is a lot of generations! Brandon's great-grandfather, Big Daddy has been so excited about Reese and is always so emotional when talking to Brandon. He held her and sang Rock-A-Bye-Baby to her! It was precious! Most everyone had tears in their eyes!

We also took a 5 generations pic! Here are Mawmaw and Big Daddy (seated) and then Papa (Brandon's grandfather), Matt aka Grandpaw aka Pawpaw (Brandon's dad), and Brandon! Oh, and of course Peanut (who was obviously not happy with the arrangement!

She is quite the traveler and I am so glad we have started her out early! We both like to travel and I get antsy if I am in one place for too long! I'm just glad I have a little rugrat to travel with me now!

Yall, I would not be surprised if this child of mine starts crawling, walking, talking early! She is already scooting around and I'm pretty sure she is well on her way to living out the meaning of her name...feisty, enthusiastic, fiery! She seems to get bored and angry not being able to do things on her own. If she's anything like her daddy (and ok, her mom too!) stubborness and independence will run deep in her veins! Example: She was doing tummy time on the boppy. She kept kicking her legs and eventually scooted right on over the boppy! Evidence is below. Pic #1 was taken about 30 seconds before pic #2!

2 other bits of random info:

Please look at this pic! Yes, that is her foot she has her face propped up on! How uncomfortable!

Also, somehow last week I had time for a simple craft! I bought plain white candles and then some cute ribbon and hot glued them around the candle. Then I took some black buttons and glued them on the seam of the ribbon. Here is the final result:

Anyways, I'll be back tomorrow with the 2 month post, including the bunny pic, likes/dislikes and the newest stats!

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