Uncle Scott & Aunt Cat:

Hey yall! Remember when I was this small:

A certain someone got upset that I didnt do anything but sleep. I think you even changed my diaper just to see my eyeballs! How rude! Just wait until I think it's funny to pull hair and bite!
Well now look at me!
I can sit {in my Bumbo}
I squeal.
I talk.
I kick my feet.
I've been working so hard and now that I've got all this stuff down pat, yall are about to fly across the world. I will continue to show off my skillz via Skype, it won't be the same!! Although, I hear that yall are returning just in time for my 1st birthday...how thoughtful!
I'm pretty sure that I wouldn't add that much weight to your luggage, so if you wanted to smuggle me into HK I wouldn't hate it!
Mommy assures me we will have a webcam before August so yall can see my cute face and new tricks!
Also, mommy tells me yall have a blog too! BUT it's not "allowed" to be written in until yall leave?! What's that about? I'm pretty sure Aunt Cat wants to start blogging now!
Well, I'm getting ready to go to bed, but I'll write more later!
Love yall,
P.S. I'm ready for a cousin!!! :)
P.P.S. Hahahaha, I just wrote that to see Aunt Cat blush!

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  1. Mission accomplished (not the cousin part, but the blushing).