Weekend of fun!!

So Miss Reese has had quite the week/weekend! First off, she had her first overnight trip away from mommy and daddy! She spent Thursday and Friday night with Babs and T. From what I hear, everyone had a blast! I am so thankful to have parents who want to spend as much time with her as they can! I was not at all worried about Reese spending the night with them for 2 nights! Brandon and I also went to Columbus to shop and eat dinner!

Since I am back and work now (boo), I try to spend as much time with Reese as I can. As lucky as I am that Brandon gets to stay home with her, it is still not the same! I miss those early morning hours where we watched the Today show and then fell asleep in bed until Ellen came on at 9. It's so hard being a working mother. Before she was born, I thought I would miss adult interaction, but that's not the case! I wish I could sit all day in "babyland" and not talk to adults! Oh well, I know God has a plan for us and right now, that plan is for me to work. Maybe if I enjoyed my job more, my attitude would be a little different...

OK, on a much lighter note, Reese also got to spend time at her Nanna and Grandpaw's house! Brandon's parents have a pool and even though she might be a little young this summer (although she has an ADORABLE Janie and Jack bathing suit!), I can see many, many hours spent in this pool in the years to come! I did put her feet in there this afternoon, and let's just say, she did not enjoy that!

These are some pics Babs took with my camera while Reese was at her sleepover!

Just after bath time!

Swinging away with Babs!

Jess, check out the belly button on this one and the next...is this what Lily Kate's looks/looked like??

Spitting up while in the tub!

A smile! A wink! A lovie! All fun things that we have just started loving! (Alright, so winking maybe not, but everything else is a new thing!)

Sleeping with her T!

These next few are from Nanna and Grandpaw's house:
Reese and Grandpaw playing!
She loves this bouncy seat!
She looks so sweet sleeping like this!

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  1. Hey! Yes that is what LK has. I will email you more details!