August 11th

August 11, 2008:

August 11, 2009:

It was on this night one year ago, that I saw that 2nd line. Yes, that is 3 tests you see. What you don't see are the other 10. What can I say, I needed a little reassurance. I remember that night. I took the test and after 5 minutes and picking my jaw up off the floor, I called Brandon to the bedroom. I told him to sit down and close his eyes. I then put it in his hands. When he opened, he just looked at it for a second and then said, "is this a thermometer?" Hahahaaa, um, no. I pretty much lived in disbelief for the next few days, while he was crazy excited and teared up all the time!

What a difference a year makes!

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  1. I loved this post! It was much like my reaction, and Mikes! It's all worth it though! She is beautiful and I can't wait to see her this weekend!