Happy Bday Babs!!!

Happy Bday to my Babs!!!

You're how old??

Noooo!! It can't be! You don't like a day over 25!!

I'm shocked! I can't believe what I'm hearing!

Ok, that's it, I must destroy the evidence!

No, but seriously, I hope you have a great bday! I wish we could be there to celebrate, but Mommy has a stupid job! We will be there soon enough! Until then, take a look at some of my fav. pics since my arrival!

From day 1, you've been one of my most favorite people!

You give great kisses!
You have a great shoulder to sleep on!
You take me on great adventures!
You are an amazing spiritual advisor!
{even though I don't know it yet}
You love me and Mommy very much!!

Glad you had fun at the beach! See you Friday!!


  1. Reese, your mommy is so talented & a great photographer. Can't wait to see you (& your mommy) on Friday.
    Love you,

  2. How precious is that? Happy birthday Barbara!