Tonight, we officially graduated from this {amazing, fantastic, sleep-inducing} miracle-of-a-blanket

To this {ingenious, cool, and hopefully just as sleep-inducing} sleep sack:

We've been sloooooowly "weaning" Reese off the need to be swaddled for about 2 or 3 weeks. It is just one more step out of the newborn phase of life and into the infant phase {or as Gerber refers to it, the supported sitter}. This makes me both sad and excited. I feel like that's how parenting is so far. Emotions at both ends of the spectrum!

Anyways, we started with 1 arm out, then both arms. Last night, we just swaddled her around her mid-section and tonight, freeeeeeeeee! Since she has so much more control over her arms and is getting close to rolling all the time, we felt like it was close to time to start the transition.

I can't believe we are close to 5 months. That doesn't even seem possible! It seemed like my pregnancy lasted forever and now that she's here, time just moves so fast {except when I'm at work. Imagine that}. This weekend, we are going to celebrate one of my best friend Beth's baby's 1 year birthday! WHAT?! I remember the day Kylie was born. She looked like an adorable little eskimo! All bundled and cheeky and a head full of dark hair! It's been amazing to watch her transform this year {into a mini-me of her daddy}. It just doesn't seem like a whole year has passed! I know Beth would agree.

Funny how that time thing works. Sometimes I want it to go fast and sometimes I want it to slow waaaaay down!


  1. yay, congratulations on a smooth (hopefully!) transition to the sleep sack! We had a rough time with broken sleep during that phase until we tried the Peke Moe - http://www.pekemoe.co.nz which worked great, but awesome that your little one transitioned so well! all the best :)

  2. OK--I guess Bab's will need one at her house now!! (I do actually have one but it a heavy flanel type material.)