Soak it up!

Thanks to this:

and this:

I get to eat breakfast in the mornings!

For my squirmy little wormy, there are very few moments of stillness during the day.
It is especially challenging these days as we seem to be in a "transition zone".
Laying down is not an option {in her opinion}, sitting/standing {unassisted} is not an option.
Needless to stay, it can be frustrating!
BUT, on the other hand, it is AMAZING to see her little brain start to process things!
She talks constantly. It is hilarious!
{can't imagine where she gets that from :)}
She wants to be involved in everything going on.
She has recently started fussing when she's put down to sleep.
I can only imagine it's because she's mad that she doesn't get to see what's happening!
I used to be the same way.
Parents of my friends used to LOVE it when I came to spend the night!
She's growing and changing and becoming her own little person.
Before we know it, I'll be packing her lunches,
{well let's be honest, B will probably be packing her lunches}
helping with homework,
and shopping for prom dresses!

Gotta soak every bit of it up...

Every. Single. Day.

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