Casa De Reesie

I realized that I've never given a tour of the babe's room. Also, B just made me an awesome book shelf that I've been wanting. I'm now waiting for another one! So easy and so cute!

This is on top of her dresser, with her train letters, bunnies, and piggy banks! You can see the sky painted on her ceiling in the reflection of the mirror.

This is another shot of the dresser, with the quote I loooooove behind the picture.

Close up of the quote!

Perfect solution for a bookshelf when you don't have room for a standing one!

Close up of her books! I need another one, because she still has more books that won't fit!

RAD!I found this awesome lamp/shelf combo at Target while I was pregnant for $7!!!!!!! Best bargain ever!

I got this scroll iron hook thing {ha} at Hobby Lobby and spray painted it white. Hanging on it are the dress she wore home from the hospital, her bonnet made by Great Aunt Lolli, and her first smocked bubble! {I do plan on buying 2 pretty hangers, but these will do for now!}

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