Six Month Saturday!

Yesterday was the first Saturday of Reese's 6th month!!! I will be posting her "official" 6 month post later. In the mean time, I thought I would post about our Saturday {with NO mention of that lovely game. ahem.}

We went down to Babs and T's house to have a Mexican fiesta! Foxy Knoxy was there too, but once again, I did not get one single picture of him!

Remember a few posts back when Reese took a bath in the ducky bath and HATED it?? Well, now look! After a full day of spitting up (yes, at 6 months, this is still a constant thing!}, we decided Reese needed a scrub down!

We also took advantage of the beautiful flowers in the backyard and had a little photo shoot!
She is so curious about everything and how it all works!

One of my fav. pics!! Babs, how long will it take for you to save this, make it your desktop background, and print it out??

We even got T in on the action!

And yes, that is a bow on her head!!!


  1. Yep, already done it! You know your mother way too well! Love you!

  2. so beautiful jen! she looks so cuddly and sweet.