A long time comin...

I have been planning and planning for this day...

It's taken weeks and months, but it finally happened...

I saved more than I spent at Kroger!!!!!!

Now, this might not be exciting to anyone else, but it definitely was to me! Kroger has some great sales this week and combined with coupons, I got some great deals! Want a peek?

- Betty Crocker boxed potatoes: $.09
- 24 ct. Tylenol: $.50
- 2 boxes of Cheez-its: $.98
- 2 bags of Chex mix: $1.50
- 2 cans of Carnation evaporated milk: FREE + $.02 overage
- 2 cans of crescent rolls: $1.48
- 2 cans of cinnamon rolls: $1.38
- 2 packages of cookie dough: $1.98
- 2 bags of salad: FREE + $.01 overage
- Ore-Ida fries: $.99

Do you see those items that were free? I was amazed! In total, I spent $33.34 and saved $57.25!!!

Once you get into couponing, it becomes a game and each week I try to do better and better! I will do a post on couponing soon...

Since most {or let's be honest, ALL} of you are here to see an adorable little peanut, take a look at our photo shoot this afternoon:

I can't take the sweetness!

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  1. Girlfriend...you need to teach me about this couponing!! I am proud of you!!
    Peanut is looking mighty cute!