Fun at the Fair!

Another fall activity: THE FAIR!!  
I have always loved the fair.  The food, rides, carnies...it def. has a place in my heart.  Now, I get to enjoy the fair through the eyes of a child and it is 10x better!!  My little peanut looooooved the fair.  Last year, Lauren and I took her and she loved the petting zoo.  This year she hated the petting zoo and loved the rides.  Who knew!? 

Behold, the petting zoo:

And my favorite...the dreaded llama {who gave her nightmares days later!}
HA...do you see her little hands up by her face?  Hilarious.
{I'm not a mean mommy. Promise.}

Jack Jack was there too!!

{Notice he's always in the stroller during our fun activities...I have to contain him while I can.  He's already army crawling and pulling up.  My stroller days are limited.}

Now.  Onto the rides.  Girl loved the rides.  We {naively} didn't buy the wristband.  Next year = wristband.
Yes.  Babs got in on the fun too.  I was worried she was going to get all pukey, considering she can't even play ring-around-the-rosie without feeling nauseous, BUT no pukeys!

And just so you can get the full effect of her love for the rides:

You hear that "weeeeeee" the whole time?  
Yep.  That's my girl!

Thank you FAIR for the memories!!
Thank you iPhone for capturing them!!

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