Christmas 2010!

This post will be mostly pictures and very little words.  I can't say there are very many pictures either, but I want to share the ones we have!

We started Christmas Eve with Brandon's family.  We had appetizers and some traditional Christmas food too!  Reese had been feeling better earlier in the day, but started breaking down around dinner time, so we didn't get any pictures other than gift opening.

 She got this adorable Mickey Mouse ride-on car and she loves it!  She's been loving some Mickey Mouse recently, so her Nana and Paw knew she would love this car!

She also got some new beach/garden tools!

 And some new shoes!

The next morning, we got up and drove to Montgomery to spend Christmas with my family.

This is apparently the only picture I have of her looking at the camera.  Oh well!

She couldn't wait to rip into her presents from Babs and T!

 Her big present: A crazy coupe!
Apparently, the coupe is way too exciting and we lost our shirt.

 It took her a minute to get the hang of it and let's be honest, her favorite part is opening and closing the doors and getting in and out!

 Tiny Toms.  I die.

 Later that night, she looked so cute for Christmas dinner!

And, that would be the end of Christmas pictures!

We did spend the next day with B's family down in Brundidge, but I don't think the camera got taken out of the bag the whole time!  Our little Peanut did rack up with a baby doll, a table and chairs, a piano, some mega blocks, and some other things!

We did have lots of fun spending time with family!  Reese wasn't 100% back to normal, but she was pretty good, considering!

This whole week has been much more relaxing than last week!  We have played with our new toys and caught up on some shows that B and I have gotten into.  Only 2 more days until I am back to work!  These 2 weeks have flown by!

What comes next?  Oh just a new little member of the family that I have done ZERO preparation for!
I do have a new diaper bag and {thanks to an adorable little nephew} some clothes!  That counts, right?

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