**Warning, this is a non-Reese related post :)**

I have always been a fan of cutting coupons and I love seeing the total get lower and lower at the grocery store! Recently I have been reading several things about the CVS game. If you don't know, let me elaborate. I signed up for a CVS Extra Care Bucks card. Every week, in the Sunday paper, CVS has a circular which shows what is on sale. They also show items that you get Extra Care Bucks (ECB) back on.

For instance, this week if you buy 2 Coppertone sunscreens, you get $8 ECB. I had a $5 coupon off one Coppertone sunscreen, so this is how it went down:

$7.99--Coppertone Faces Sunscreen
$7.99--Coppertone Spray Sunscreen
-$5 coupon
=$11 out of pocket, BUT I racked up $8 in ECB for a future purchase!!

What I did was split my purchases into 2 transactions. The first purchase had everything that earned ECB. Then, I used those ECB on the 2nd transaction. Normally, I would not use every ECB on 1 purchase, but you gotta start somewhere!

The first transaction:
$60.42 spent
$22.88 saved
Not awesome, but not bad.

The second transaction:
$13.21 spent
$30.49 saved!!!!
I reached my goal of saving more than I spent! I felt awesome leaving that store.

All in all, today I spent $73.63 and saved $53.37!!! Eventually, I want to save more than I spend in the whole trip, but today was just the first trip! Hopefully I will see these numbers go down even more!

And ok, since she IS the reason for this blog, here is Reese's reaction to all the money saved!

And here is her reaction when she learned exactly how expensive her diapers and formula are!

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