First family vacay!

This past weekend, we went on our first family vacation with this sweet family:

Beth's mom lives in Pensacola and invited us to come visit! We had a blast and even though being at the beach with a baby is only slightly stressful, Reese loved it! {Until her diaper was wet and she had to get out of the water. Then, she didn't love it, but fell asleep quickly!}

Little toes in the sand!

She was such an awesome traveler! We aren't used to her sleeping in the same room with us, but she did great. She kept up her 10-12 hour nightly sleeping schedule AND took some good naps! I really can't complain about our little road warrior!

Sitting in her "pit" that her daddy dug her!

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  1. Wow what cute pictures you got!! The beach is stressful with babies, I had no clue!! Glad ya'll came though!!