adios; ciao; au revoir; adios; aloha

On Thursday night, we had to say goodbye to this precious couple:
They are leaving on Sunday to spend a looooong time in Hong Kong. As sad as I am that they won't be here, I am so proud of them for not turning away from the stirring in their hearts. God only knows the experiences they will have across the ocean!

We went to eat dinner one last time, and of course had to take some pics! The next time they see Reese, she could definitely be running into their arms!

Here is Reese with her Aunt Cat:

And Uncle Scott:

And all 3 together!

Scott and Cat, we will be praying for yall {and the rest of the team} daily! I can't wait to Skype and see the new digs close up! We will miss yall TREMENDOUSLY! {or, a lot}
Love yall!

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