Reese's Baptism!

This past Sunday, Reese was baptized! It was so awesome and a sweet, sweet prayer was prayed over her. She started to get fussy right when we got on stage and I took her paci out. Well, the pastor takes her and as soon as he puts the water on her head, she gets totally calm, as if a peace came over her! I still get chills thinking about it! God has a wonderful plan for this sweet baby!
Afterwards, mom and dad hosted an awesome lunch at their house!

Thanks to ALL our friends and family who stood on Sunday to be a witness to our daughter! We love you!

Our last family pic before these two run off to the other side of the world!
What a beautiful baby in a beautiful gown!!

Laying in her Nanna's arms before her big moment!

Grandaddy, Reese, and I showing off the gown that EVERY baby has worn in the family for the past 60 years almost!

2 of my favorite girls in all the world!!

It was such a fun weekend! The day before her baptism, we hosted a baby shower for Regan! Grandaddy told us that Reese is the 42nd member of the family. Baby Knox will be #43 and we can't wait to meet him!

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