Daddy/Daughter Day!

While I was out finishing the last of the Christmas shopping {which, thank goodness...because I swear this boy growing inside me HATES when I shop.  Braxton Hicks all.day.long.  But no more than 4 an hour...not to worry MOM :)} B and Reesie had a fun afternoon together. 

On the agenda?

First...finger {aka BODY} painting:

Can I say that her daddy was very wise to do this while I wasn't home?? :)

2nd on the agenda?
As if you have to ask following that activity...BATH TIME!!

I'm not at all biased, but she's pretty darn adorable! 
Also?  B is a pretty good photog!

Last but not least, Peanutty and Daddy played dress up!

She loves to "dress" herself, soooo she's got her jammies on with a dress around her neck and her toboggan on her head.  In her mouth?  Daddy says it's lettuce.  Weird.

And when I returned?  
The following conversation occured:
Reese: Mommy home!
Me: Hey Reesie
R: Mommy, coke {coat} off
R: Mommy, go potty
R: Mommy, come here
R: Mommy, hug

It's good to be home.

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