'Twas the week before Christmas...

...and strep throat did strike!!!

{do you see those pitiful eyes??}

Yes.  Round 3 of strep and {of course} this was the worst one yet.  Having a sick, feverish, non-sleeping baby is absolutely no fun.  I am glad I was off last week to cuddle and watch Mickey Mouse and force medicine down Reese's throat.

Her diet from Tuesday through Saturday consisted of yogurt and applesauce.  Some days she only had 1 of those things A DAY.  Her poor little throat was so sore that she just couldn't eat anything!

As much as I hated for her to be sick, especially at Christmas time, it was such a nice slow down from the normal hustle and bustle during those few days before Christmas.  We sat on the couch or laid in the bed and watched TV and took naps and wiped tired tears.

It also made me reflect on how blessed we are that Reese is healthy.  I thought of the parents who spend their Christmases in hospitals with babies who have illnesses much worse than strep throat and my heart aches for them.  

Even though I would have given anything to have had Reese 100% healthy those days leading up to Christmas, I'm thankful for the time we spent together.  I'm thankful for the chance to reflect on the real reason we even celebrate Christmas.  I'm thankful for the reminder that it's not about the gifts or making sure presents are wrapped just so.  It's about spending time with family making memories and carrying on traditions.  But most of all, it's about that little tiny baby who changed the world; who heals all sicknesses and comforts all those who are in despair.

I did manage to take some pics of our many Christmas celebrations...I will update in the next few days.

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  1. Poor baby! Aunt B told us she wasn't feeling well. I hope she is feeling better and back to her normal self...