The things she says and does...

So I don't forget...

- She calls the Christmas tree a "Chris" tree.  I admit, Christmas is a very hard word to say!
- She can point out where all of "her" ornaments are on the tree {aka, the ones we've allowed to be on her level} and can remember exactly where each of them are!
- "I hear amblance" whenever she hears sirens.
- "I hear airpane" whenever she hears an airplane.  She says "I see airpane" when she actually sees one.
- Whenever she sees letters or writing on anything {menu, newspaper, etc}, she says "ABCDs" instead of "ABCs".  I bet that "D" is happy to have some recognition.

- She can say her complete ABCDs and count 1 to 10.
- She can pick out the letters in her name.  She forgets a few of the Es {she has 3 of them in her name} and spells her name "RES"
- She calls the bathtub a "tubtub"
- Miss Independent is attempting to dress herself.  We've worn a few dresses as pants.  She'll put her legs in the armholes.
- She calls her coat a "coke"
- "PEEEEEEEEEEEASE" and "MOOOORE" are becoming more frequent requests.

- "I do it." I did mention Miss Independent, no?
- She can't pronounce the L in anything, so any word that has an L in it is pronounced with a W instead.  Example: "cowor" instead of color.
- Speaking of "cowor", she loves to.  Yesterday, she told me she "cowor gween fower Emma." Translation "color green flower {with} Emma."
- "Barney comin" when she's waiting on the dvd player to start in the car.
- "Barney sweepin" when I've had enough of Barney in the car and tell her he's sleeping.
- She speaks in 3rd person all.the.time. "Reese do it", "Reese hode it", "Reese cowor", "Reese potty", "Reese pitty {pretty}", "Reese coke {coat} on/off", "Reese buckle"

- She takes her shoes and socks off every time we are in the car.  It's not annoying at all.
- She can say every person she knows and who they go with.  For example, "Cott, Catcat and Noah" are all mentioned together.  "Jojo and Bawisswa {Melissa}", "Ianne {Diane}, Tewwy {Terry}, Reid, and Buddy" are all mentioned together. Diane is Reese's babysitter {but really more like a 2nd mom/grandmother} and Reese knows everyone in the Riley household!  She names all the dogs that are at her Nana and Paw's house too!
- Apparently Catcat's sister "Sawah" {Sarah} really made an impression on Reese because we talk about her a lot.  Last night we were in Target and she saw this huge display and she thought one of the girls looked like Sawah so she started calling her name.
- She pronounces the word bicycle "bi-kick-le". I love it.
- She says "hot bot" for "how about".  For example, when she's standing in a chair {and not supposed to} and I tell her to sit down, she says "hot bot Reese stand."  This means, how about I don't sit down and continue doing what I want to do.  

- She loves to wear "kigtails" {pigtails}
- She can say all of her colors, but if you ask her to identify a color, it's almost always "green."
- She is almost speaking in full sentences: "Reese hands cold" or "Daddy be riiiiiiiiiiiiight back"...makes her seem so mature!
- She says things are "pitty" {pretty}, "bewful" {beautiful}, and "tuuuuuuute" {cute}...what a girly girl!
-  She has just started doing imaginitive play with dolls, stuffed animals, etc.  She wants her Tigger to eat dinner with her and she likes to put her baby doll "night night."

I decided that if I don't start writing some of these things down, once I have 2 kiddos I might not remember as much!!!

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  1. SOOOO CUTE!!! tell Reese that Sawah says hello! Wish I lived in Montgomery so I could play were her all of the time. And tell your mom that the video of her never would open up on my email. :(