2 1/2!

I have been wanting to do a post on the hilarity of raising a 2 year old.  Believe me, Reese is a character!  She talks constantly.  I am not exaggerating.  I don't believe that brain of hers EVER shuts off {which is why she talks to herself for a solid hour instead of napping}!!

{rocking her dinosaur}

She also talks to anyone and says exactly what she feels.  My little Peanut is not shy to express herself.  She speaks very clearly, but has a few things she still can't say, which I must say...I ADORE and will be so sad when she pronounces them correctly:
- She makes a W sound instead of an L sound: hewwo, yewwow, "that wight is bwinking."
- She makes a B or an F sound instead of a TH or V sound: baf {bath}, fan {van}, binking {thinking}, begetables {vegetables}

A couple more things I don't want to forget:
- She has begun negotiations: "Time to go to bed"..."I need to pway wif my barn for 2 minutes."
- She has started asking WHY?!?!
- When I say something she likes, she says "good binking, mama."
- She describes things as "awesome", "amazing", "beautiful".  Such a girl!
- She has recently become OBSESSED with  the movie, Rio.  I have to admit, it's a cute movie!
- She calls a restaurant a "westernaut".
- She claims a lot of things {mostly food-things} with "make me feel better."  She is a stinker!

She has had some tummy issues recently and we took her to get allergy testing.  My suspicions were confirmed when we found out she is highly allergic to dairy and tomatoes.  It appears that she can have these things when they are cooked, as it changes the protein she is allergic to.  So, she's good to have spaghetti, mac & cheese, etc.  She is not supposed to even eat those things more than twice a week.  It has been a bit of an adjustment {mainly on cheese and ice cream}, but she has not even noticed a difference in the soy milk or yogurt.  We are praying she will grow out of this, but that is not guaranteed.

She is HIGHLY attractive to mosquitoes.  They love her and bite her and leave terrible whelps. SO annoying.  It seems like mosquito "season" has been worse this year.  Agreed?

We have been dealing with our fair share of break downs.  I tell people the 2 is coming out in her!  She  fake cries easily and gets mad when she doesn't get her way.

Oh man, she has gotten so affectionate.  I don't think my heart can handle it when she runs up to me and says "MOMMY!  Come 'ere.  You're my faborite girl and I wub you soooo much!"
AHHHH.  I love her.

Not potty trained.  Not attempting. :)

If you ask her what she wants to eat for dinner, she will almost always respond with "rice, chicken and brocowi".  She eats her weight in rice.  There is not a single food I have ever found that she won't eat.  Now, there might have been times when she didn't want to eat it, but I don't ever push the issue, and she seems to come around.  She's not withering away. :)

She still loves Pugwits {Publix} and Walgreens.  She loves to dance and play with her blocks.  I love to hear the things that come out of her mouth and laugh all the time at what she says. 

This little girl holds my heart!

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