Pumpkin Patch!

This past weekend, we officially jumped into fall with our trip to the Pumpkin patch!!  We went to a new one that opened down the road from Nana and Paw's house.  It was so much fun!!  I'll let most of the pictures speak for themselves, but I have to tell you about this slide:
They took an old combine {?} and made it into a slide.  And they must have greased it down with baby oil first because Reese shot outta there so fast.  Please see the pictures below.  I laughed hysterically as she flew out and did a flip out of that slide.  Luckily, no tears were shed.

She also rode a horse for the first time!  Look at that cute little mini horse.  She then tried to feed it hay.  How did she know to do that?  Probably when Barney or Dora went to the farm.
Oh, Jack was there too.  He didn't get to do anything exciting, but he sure did have fun!

We attempted a family shot.  Christmas card material here, folks.  Ha.

One of my faves:
Reese also played in the "corn pit" which is ingenious, as long as you don't try to eat the corn kernels.  Which Reese may or may not have tried to do :)!

We ended our time with a ride on the tractor to go pick out our perfect pumpkin!  Here's where Jack and Paw stayed:
And then Reese got mad because she found so many "faborite punkins" but all the pumpkins were too "heaby" and then she cried.  Such is life.

Welcome fall!!  Please stick around and bring your cooler temperatures.  I'm ready for chili and pumpkin spice lattes and sweaters and scarves and boots.

P.S.  I figured out how to make collages to put more pictures on here.  I know you're all excited!


  1. What a fun slice of life here!

  2. My favorite pic is the one of you and Reese swinging. Precious!
    How do you did you make collages (they are great)? I want to learn too.