Dear Suave,

Why did no one tell me of your wonderful product before now? 

Do you know how many baths I give my babies?  Now, I love Johnsons and Johnsons as much as the next person, but unless I can find it on sale, that stuff ain't cheap.  Enter Suave Kids Head to Toe Wash.  Cheap? Yes. {The big bottle is around $2 at Target.}  Does it work?  Dare I say better than J&J!  Reese's hair is a lot less greasy and Jack's hair is a lot more fluffy.  WIN!  Oh and the lavender smell?  DIVINE! 

Speaking of divine smelling Suave products, invest in some of this:

Suave Rosemary + Mint shampoo and conditioner.
{each of those bottles is less than $2}
TRUST ME.  You won't be sorry!

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